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New Site Coming

The things I do for some custom themes and plugins. Damn.
I got a host from hostgator.com, and i honestly don’t know how to use it. I’ve paid for somethin I have 0 clue about how to work. If anybody in this vast ocean of information can tell me somethin.. Tell me how to start a fresh wordpress blog from my cyberduck ftp (linked to my HostGator). I have the config file all setup because Hostgator has a 5 minute wordpress install. I see it in my ftp server, but when I try to login at etownnav.wordpress.com/wp-admin/ with the login info in the config file, it doesn’t work!

I gotta get this site going. I need to buy a domain next week. I’m thinkin “ImOnTheMoon.net” cuz the .com version was taken (asshole isn’t even usin it). Any other suggestions? It’s gon be for all my music anyway, imma have hulkshare stream/download links and ish, my twitter bits, at least once a week updates, tracks I like and might go in on, some copy and pastes of my raps and stuff. It’ll be niceee. And of course, all my new music and videos will be coming on to that site.

Almost time to get some hard work done, in 30mins.

About Nav

21yr old, Rapper//Singer//Songwriter//Future-Super Producer//Future-Super-DJ// Coming out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada//Soon moving to Montreal, Canada// Pursuing a career in the musical arts and music business. Always looking for new beats, holla @ me. listn.to/EtownNav @ClassicNav youtube.com/EtownNav


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