21yr old, Rapper//Singer//Songwriter//Future-Super Producer//Future-Super-DJ// Coming out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada//Soon moving to Montreal, Canada// Pursuing a career in the musical arts and music business. Always looking for new beats, holla @ me. @ClassicNav
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#websitenames I’m thinking… go simple with… or trying something else. I was tryna get “” but someone bought it already. Something clever or… I honestly can’t think of anything much right now. I need some ideas! Hit me up with somethin intriguing. I gotta get the domain name down first, then I’ll be able … Continue reading

New Site Coming

The things I do for some custom themes and plugins. Damn. I got a host from, and i honestly don’t know how to use it. I’ve paid for somethin I have 0 clue about how to work. If anybody in this vast ocean of information can tell me somethin.. Tell me how to start … Continue reading

“All” My Tracks So Far // Chronologically

Chronologically, earliest to latest. So if you’re lookin for the ripe ish, I’d scroll down a bit. My 2 favs so far are What’s My Name and And I Go Hard. C&C always appreciated. Check me out at Youtube, Twitter, or on Facebook. Usual Suspects – No Hook // 3 Verses Audio previews coming soon. … Continue reading